How time flies. The daughter of gospel music legend Angela Chibalonza is all grown.

The last time Wonder  Glory Muliri was seen in public was when her late mum was involved in a tragic accident back in  September 22, 2007.

Angela Chibalonza together with her driver Kennedy Aluoch and one of her friends vocalist Nimrod Makori died at Kinale, on the Naivasha-Nairobi highway.

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At the time, Chibalonza’s daughter was barely a year old.

Wonder grew up without experiencing her mum’s love and embrace.

A while back, we got to meet Wonder when her dad, Bishop Elisha Muliri were guests at Apostle Francis Musili’s launch of a new branch in Nairobi.

That was when the Apostle Musili of ATG church shared a photo of Chibalonaza’s husband and daughter.

He captioned the photo saying:

“Lemme introduce you Bishop Elisha Muliri the husband of the late songbird Angela Chibaloza. He is with her beautiful daughter, Wonder Glory Muliri who is a Grade six pupil at PCEA Primary School in Nairobi West. Wonder lost her mum to death when she was only nine months old,” he wrote in part.

Angela Chibalonza
Angela Chibalonza’s husband Bishop Elisha Muliri and dayghter Wonder Glory

During the event, Muliri narrated his struggles in raising a daughter who was only nine-months-old when her mother died.

“Bishop Muliri said he couldn’t count the many times he suckled her daughter to make her feel her mother’s presence. ‘When my wife Angela died in 2007 in a grisly road accident in Naivasha, Wonder would cry for her mum and me too would cry for my wife and amidst all these tears, I would suckle her to soothe her to sleep, it was really touching.”

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Here is a recent photos of Wonder, all grown as a teenager.

Angela Chibalonza daughter Wonder Glory (far right)
Angela Chibalonza daughter Wonder Glory (far right)

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