Anto Neo Soul is taking the creative industry to a whole new level.

He opens up about his life in his new song, Slow Down. It’s not just a song guys, Anto is no joke when it comes to art. He has also done a whole short film based on life as a young boy back in Kawangware.

I know right, from the way he speaks, you would never guess he was born and raised in the ghetto. From the interview with Anto, you could read it loud and clear that he has a passion to help the youth through his love for the arts.

Anto Neo soul

When he posted a picture of him in prison, the rumors were that he was imprisoned. His caption gave us the idea that he was set to shoot the song, Slow Down. No his was not a publicity stunt like other Kenyan artistes, he was actually telling his story.

In case you haven’t watched the video of his new song, here is a summary. In the video and film, we see young Anto as a thief. Before we even go on, he had Jeff Koinange do a voiceover for the song. We asked him how he got Jeff to do it because we all know he is a damn expensive guy and a busy one for that matter.

Anto Neosoul
Anto Neosoul in prison

Jeff Koinange would have probably charged him a whole ksh500,000 for the voice over. But can we blame him? Jeff is a big brand.

Luckily, Jeff is that guy who is a friend to Anto Neosoul and wants to see him prosper. So he did it for him at no cost.  Plus Anto put it out there that Jeff read the script and immediately fell in love with it.

So back to Slow down. Young Anto, a football fanatic decides to take the route of a thief. He stills spear parts from cars alongside his friend and they are chased by cops.

Anto Neosoul

Young Anto does not learn, he goes ahead to steal from a supermarket at gunpoint. This time they are caught and the next thing we see is old Anto in prison paying his dues.

‘A robbery gone wrong’ Anto Neosoul faces jail time

Relax guys, this is not really what happened to Anto. In an interview with mpasho, he said that if he was not raised right, that would have been his path.

it’s a path i’d have taken if I didn’t have a strong upbringing. The difference between the Young Anto and the real Young Anto is the choices I made. I chose a tough life over easy results by stealing.

Mike Flynn

The video was shot in Kawangware to tell the real story as it is and also to encourage the youth in the ghetto that they can one day make it. Seeing the cameras and work put into making the video means that they too will get there eventually.

Watch the interview for more details below:

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