Cheating in relationships seems to be a common thing nowadays. Married men and women will cheat on their spouses without thinking about the consequences. Would you take your spouse back if you caught them cheating?

‘Never marry a woman you’re not attracted to!’ man schools the rest of the world on cheating

Well, a heartbroken man is out here seeking advice after his wife admitted to cheating on him. According to this gentleman, his wife has been cheating on him and on the eve of their wedding, she slept with his boss.

“My wife confessed she cheated on my yesterday. She cheated with my boss before we got married and slept with him a night to our wedding. I asked her why she was confusing to me now, and she said her conscience is killing her because she sent my boss her nude pictures and she felt so bad,” he wrote in part.

He says his wife’s confession was a slap in the face

“I have not responded to her, I just dragged my pillow and slept. But come to think of it, I think her confessing to me was a big slap in my face and an insult. If she truly loved and respected me, why tell me this kind of rubbish, without fear looking at me straight in my eyes. I just felt like killing my boss today during our meeting/

How can I make her pay? I will not divorce her. I want her to divorce herself .
I am so bitter but just wearing the gentleman attitude. I would rather give her up than give up my job.”

Here are some of the reactions from social media users

Babyju: Forgive your wife and you will be the happiest man on earth I promise you because she will love and respect you till death. Jesus saved d adulterous woman.

Mzlekwe: Forgive 70 times 7 times😂😂😂😂😂😂, may God give us all a forgiving heart. This is hard but forgive because it is written.

Nknkjoyjoy: How many women can do that?. She really tried by confessing . She truly loves you. Chill . It won’t be easy but you just have to flush the whole thing off your mind.

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Solatope: This is the highest form if disrespect any wife can do to the husband. Well will take the grace of God for you to be able to forgive and forget this. Right need to ask her why she did it? Was she enticed? Was it the sex? You need an explanation and then you can decide whats best for you both. Divorce is never a good thing but it is better than living a bitter life. It is well with.

icephresh_mane: She doesn’t look sorry to me, She probably confessed cause your boss threatened her. You should send her to her family house for a while. Cheating on her or hating her won’t help you or her.

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