A single lady has come out to reveal that she sleeps with married men and this year so far, she has bedded eight.

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According to the lady, who’s jobless, the married men she has been sleeping with, pay her bills and she’s not comfortable anymore.

I slept with 8 married men this year. I feel so horrible. I hope I change next year. I prayed for change last year. Am sorry. I tell God and I pray. I just want to say something. Because I was feeling depressed and suicidal. Married men are helpers from God. This year no job and am unemployed. It’s these men who made my year okay.

I really want to stop. For some reason, I think married men help us singles. Last year I slept with 3. This year 5 of them where unhappy. I feel horrible. Have been thinking about my life. Also, married women who curse us singles, curse your husbands too. I really want to stop this behavior,’ she wrote.

Below are the reactions;

luccietta All the girls that keep writing they slept with 10,20… 100 married men and want to stop…are you asking for advice or you want us to just know you’re sleeping with a married man?

t__money Are u justifying ur action or you are asking God for forgiveness which one?

rhodina_vlondon Change is constant👌… so if you’re willing to change, then congratulations to becoming a better person come 2019🤗❤… See what unemployment is causing in this Country ?? Damn😯. Unemployment is another topic entirely, I know how many places I’ve submitted CV’s to this year but the outcome is nothing to talk about. Nah only God they show Mercy 🙏🙏

king Lol since last year was 3 this year 5 maybe anything u dey worship been so kind next year will be better with 10.

bambiie Aunty you are just confused and probably need someone to talk to. Just go and sin no more but no need to feel bad for your past, it was just a phase.

ebunoluthom You can’t escape…… Keep f****g married men d**ks…… Yah destiny needs super glue.

iam_cynlv And later a man will keep you in his house as a wife eekwa? I trust karma, it will come in full force in future and you will still come here crying 🤣

FaridaM: married men can never be a gift from God that’s a lie from the pit of hell.

cibuzz Sooner than later, you will become a married woman. I hope your story will change then..

Michael Crystal: If men can stay on there lane I swear these girls going after married man won’t have the chance even prostitute

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davidasabi Don’t worry very soon namesis will catch up with u. As u enjoy sleeping with other people’s husband taken their heart away from their wives, that is how God will pay u back in ur own coins when u decide to style down that is if u find someone to marry you