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A wedding, a song project or a publicity stunt? You may call it what you want, but one things for sure Willy Paul will be answering some hard questions from his fans.

Willy Paul has posted photos of him and Jamaican singer Alaine, captioning it with words suggesting that the two are now happily married. In an exclusive interview with the Tiga Wana hit maker, Pozze has revealed that he ‘wedded’ the singer last weekend in a colourful wedding.



Willy wrote;

“God is good, I know I’ve kept it a secret untill now!! I finally did what most men are afraid off doing. Yes I did it last weekend. I’m no longer a bachelor!!! #pozzes!!”

He continued to say;

“My Family You Amaze Me With Your Quick Assumptions and predictions …I Know The Problem Is That I Didn’t Show My Newly Wed Wife’s Face ….Here She Is …Yesss!!! Alaine Said Yes….Habari Ndio Hio …Niko Hapa Nawacheki Tuu Najua Maoni Ni Kibao Na Tofauti ….Legoo
GOD has good things in store for the faithful ones..
I know papers and bloggers are going to change the whole story. But you heard it from me.”

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The photo by the controversial gospel artist elicited mixed reaction from his followers. Pozze, who now calls himself Simba like Diamond Platnumz, insisted that he did not want his fans to know that he and the Jamaican singer were dating. And yes, something does not add up here!

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Talking to a local publication, Pozze was quoted as saying that he was hosting Alaine for a song project and the two were not lovers. I might agree that he loves publicity stunts and this is one that’s not going to work. So what if it emerges that the two are not legally married, will we be wrong to call the “gospel” artist a terrible LIAR?

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We called Willy early in the morning and he was so exhausted, bragging that Alaine was sleeping next to him and that he was also tired from the long night the two ‘lovers’ had. So, where is the honeymoon? He explained that it was a secret destination! Well, we have learnt that Willy Paul is working on his wedding song which will be released any time next week. Let’s wish the controversial Pozze all the best in his drama filled publicity life.

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Here is an exclusive interview with Willy Paul;