Dennis on a first date with slay queens

A video of a slay queen demeaning a young Kenyan man for being ‘poor’ on Ebru TV’s perfect match segment, has gone viral.

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The show, which is so intense and perhaps mirrors the dating experiences of most Kenyans, has become popular and recently, a lady was chased away during a live date.

Well, in the video that has gone viral, a man by the name Dennis goes on a blind date with three slay queens namely, Michelle, Akoth, and Naomi but all doesn’t go well.

In the video, the first lady Michelle asks Dennis how much he earns a month and when he says 20k, she is surprised. Below is their conversation.

Michelle: How much do you pay for rent

Dennis: Sh 5,000

Michelle: Unaishi kwa choo ama

Dennis: Hiyo ni madharau

Michelle: Nyumba gani hiyo?

Dennis: I live according to my earnings. Don’t expect me to stay in an expensive house yet I earn sh20,000

Michelle: Unaeza maintain dem na hio pesa?

Dennis is an honest guy and on the second date with Akoth, he goes through hell. He tells the lady that he stays in a bedsitter in “Lavington” and she reveals that she’s from Embakasi. (Go through their convo)

Akoth: What do you do for a living?

Dennis: I work in a cyber and earn Sh20,000 monthly.

Akoth: I’m a student, I work and my monthly salary is Sh40,000

Dennis:  You can come and live with me if you don’t mind.

Akoth: Niishii na wewe bedsitter? I can’t.  Tutakula nini na 20k?

Dennis: But you’re working?

Akoth: The money is mine. Dudes should do everything for their chics. My money is for my makeup. You look so pathetic, your hair is shaggy.

The lady demeaned Dennis and even dissed him for dressing badly.

Dennis: What’s your hobby?

Akoth: I like traveling. Do you drive? I don’t use public transport.

Dennis: Umekuja na nini hapa?

Akoth: Uber

The third lady Naomi was bold and told Dennis that he was not her type.

The video has gone viral and Kenyans have applauded Dennis for being bold and confident, lashing out at the slay queens for setting the standards too high.

Check out the comments

Jenifer Nyaga: #michele, I curse the day you were born. Never disrespect someone’s hustle
from what it looks like. You’ll never be successful in life mark my words

Sergeant Bee SB: These slayqueens will end of us…kampuni za make up zikifungwa mtarudi national park the guy confidence..

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Terry Mystique: What’s 40k? Uber, b***h, class speaks for itself ..hawa ndio wale wanaishi bed sitter watu wa 5 kuchanga rent ,viatu za 200 na makeup za 100 kwa hawkers tao. This guy is being real n am sure hata maybe hao Ma slay Queen hawana fare.Nkt

Samuel Mwangi: We shall be awarding Denis with a Head Of State Commendation soon. The hustler puts everything as it is. And to the slay queens, good luck in your search for sponsors and see you when you’re 30, earning 30K, with a kid and paying 20K rent. Very proud of the boy child and shame on to this fella who thinks 5K rent is a toilet but still living with parents. Alafu ati make up ya 40K?? Mama! Give us a sign on how to teach some sense to these ones.

Depporath Omwenga: what sort of boy is this??????? I would encourage a girlchild to aim higher….huyu boy hata kuvaa issa noooooooo. The ladies are all trendy and lovely,,,,,first impression kitu cha maana sana. boy get a life.

Lee Ngugi: Cheap ladies trying to fake it unajifanya smata n on ur first date unaitisha chipo😂😂😂😂

King Karle: Topic ya date ni mshahara si poa, madem mnafaa kuchilax na boychild

Sospeter: These chicks are dead savage.😂 Lmao

Hezron Ooyi: Oh my God! But I am not surprised this guy let it out on his last date. all through I could see his frustration boiling and I knew at one point things were going to get ugly. lakini madame pia, some little bit of sensitivity is healthy. otherwise, it’s me on the next episode of this show. I wanna meet the three slay queens too and see what transpires

Francis: Muriithi: when a woman rejects a man of vision,and accept a man with television,she will end up watching the man of vision on her husband television.Don’t judge a man by his pocket but judge him by his vision. Because where a man is going in life is more important than his present condition…watch out ladies you will be heading up marrying men double your father”s age!

Victor Tum: Stand with the boychild.Slayqueens can’t just put us down like that.We’re coming for a Revenge,Mama Give us a Signal

Onyango Erick: But Akoth is demeaning this dude not fair

 Gibuu Blaxx: Okei,the guy has confidence…. Bt this kiatu si ako na maringo mingi….I thought she was earning like 200k….kumbe ni ngiri fote…na mwitio ucio wothe

Anne Njoki Kokibena: Guys give her 15 yrs,she will be 40,no kid no man,then she will be running to all pastors and singles conferences, nonsense.

Here’s the video