Samantha has been trending for the longest time. Crazy Kenyans always making us laugh at the meme game, too strong!

Wanaume mpo? Hilarious memes of Samantha the s*x doll go viral


Everybody now knows who Samantha is and for the men, they are out there saying ladies have been having sex toys ever since and it was termed as okay and cool.


With Samantha, ladies are up in arms against this they have even said if they ever catch their man with Samantha, they will definitely consider that cheating.

Samantha the sex doll

Many men wamejiteta saying that today’s generation does not have ladies to marry so they opt to have a doll around.

Chekathon! Top Funniest Kenyan Comedians Of 2017

Boy Child kweli anateseka!

A Nairobi news reporter took it to the streets to ask famous Kenyan comedians from Churchil show on this new craze, Samantha and most of them said they would definitely purchase one.

Here is a video is a video of their confession:

Kenyan Top Comedians Confess To Purchasing Samantha

Kenyan Top Comedians Confess To Purchasing Samantha

Posted by Mpasho News on Saturday, January 27, 2018