Classy and rich men

Nairobi women stand up! Rich men are all over town nowadays. But it seems hard for slay queens to find rich, classy young men.

Studies have it that women are more likely to find men attractive if they think they have a bulging wallet.

Are you that woman who is looking to find a young classy and rich Kenyan man? We gat you.

Here are some of the easily accessible places you can find your dream man.


Sankara Rooftop

The pool and club at the rooftop have provided a posh place where rich youngins go to have fun. Probably one of these days when you’re hanging out there you will find the one you are looking for. Hope you are a keeper!

Classy and Rich men

Brew Bistro

For this, make sure you save some money to get at least a beer in their casual and fine dining setting. They also have a private lounge and terrace for events. That’s it my girl. Classy and Rich men

Polo in Karen

It is the oldest polo club in East Africa. This is where you meet the rich of the rich. I mean the boujee. Go dressed up and have some coins to keep yourself busy as you wait for him to come say “Hi”.

Classy and Rich men

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The Rhino Charge

I understand you might not have a car but this is an off-road 4×4 competition where you can watch as you look good in the sun. The entrants are required to visit 13 points (guard posts) scattered over approximately 100 km² of rough terrain within a 10 hour period.

Here you need to have the energy, dress appropriately and please my girl, show some interest in nature. Go for it!

Classy and Rich men

Karen residents fun day

You don’t have to leave Nairobi to get these men. They are right under your nose. One of this days, just decide and go for a Karen residence fun day. Spot him, so go ahead and start chatting up with the guys. Of course, dress your best, because first impressions are very important.