Although she has never admitted to having a sponsor, Huddah Monroe always puts up posts that suggest she definitely has one, and she just doesn’t care about what people think. 

The “boss lady” decided to let everyone know that all she cares about is the money. This is bad news for the broke men but clearly music to the ears for those with fat wallets.

A few weeks ago, Huddah posted a photo of a man suspected to be her mysterious boyfriend then she took it down.

Revealed! Huddah Monroe Posts A Picture of Her Sponsor Then Takes It Down (PHOTOS)

The controversial socialite who recently spent about a week in Uganda hanging out with the country’s rich boys is back home after her ‘show’, but we suspect that she might be leaving for another vacation soon.

Incidentally, have you ever come across the chart below?


Could this be the reason why holidays in Thailand and Italy are popular with some women?