Bishop Allan Kiuna of Jubilee Christian Church and his wife Kathy Kiuna are always in the limelight. Recently they were accused of squandering cash from their gullible congregation and warning the poor from stepping in their church but they have remained strong despite the controversies.

If you happen to watch their Sunday service on the TV, you will actually tell these shepherds of God are eating the life with a big spoon; their flashy lifestyle says it all. Earlier on today, Size 8’s husband Dj Mo took it to social media to thank the powerful spiritual couple for mentoring him and his wife. Just like the other worshippers of JCC who refer to the two as Mum and Dad respectively, so is Dj Mo.

Here is the short letter to the JCC leaders

“You have made us view life in a different way ,mature up in salvation and get deeper in Love with Jesus .Always being there when most needed and more so downloading the wisdom God has given u to us .
I can type forever but all I can say is Thank you for the mentorship and may God bless you and enlarge your territories…Thank you Dad & Mum.”