Wahu and Size 8

Secular turned gospel artistes Size 8 and Wahu have released a new song Power.

The video and creativity were great. From their hairstyles, accessories and African print dresses, they killed it.

Wahu and Size 8

Wahu and Size 8

Size 8

Wahu and Size 8 Wahu and Size 8

Size 8

Many have supported the music, while a few have pointed out that their different hairstyles outshone the song.

Could it be sponsored content? Well, brand placements are quite obvious in the music video.

This is the first collabo Wahu has done after joining the gospel industry.

Below are reactions from their fans

becksrhondaz Nimekuama kwa nywele…..the song is a hit.

julyuslily The only thing Nimeona Ni nywele hio kitenge na make up.. Sijaskia kitu. To be honest

kadzor Next time try worship, please

prinzdenn Those who believe you can serve God in faith and spirit and still be aceleb…give me likes for Size 8 and Wahu

johnmwaush Mrs Nameless still got the same energy 20 years later.

aki_wanja 🔥🔥🔥,but the air pollution you left hapo Westlands road when shooting the video lingered for days

kenyan_habesha Hii ni gospel bado?Jesus knows best

gracia_patricks Who I’m I to judge but the gospel in Kenya inaisha ladha, no much difference from how worldly people sing n dance

princepark_ke Great Song,,, 🔥 video check, creativity check, message check 🔥🔥🔥

antonyngore Am amazed by the quality of this hit, audio, visual you did a commendable job sister.

cielobreeze The sounds, video creativity than the dressing ❤️❤️❤️👌👌😘

tonnymwash Size 8 and Wahu perfect collaboration Power power take control…….

themilleanials This is how you rock when you work for God(seek first the kingdom and the rest shall be added to you) Nani hajaskia niongeze Volume

hellenita Powerful mama’s best combination…