Months after DJ MO’s cheating scandal, his wife Size 8 now says they have conquered that mountain and now see it as an ant hill.

The mother of two has vowed to teach other couples on how to have a blossoming marriage in this sinful society we are living in.

Taking to her social media she shared

Marriage is a beautiful union created by God and God has been teaching me alot about marriage and giving me secrets on how to have a beautiful blossoming productive marriage even in the middle of this sinful generation!! Join me live on size 8 reborn live on Facebook on Friday at 8pm as I share what the holy spirit of God has taught me about marriage and how to overcome every storm and also enjoy and be successful in marriage…….. love you ❤🥰😍 @djmokenya my gift ,my one, my partner swity we conquered that mountain and now it looks like an ant hill 😂😂😂😂 by Gods mighty power thru his Holy spirit nothing is impossible.

The Muraya’s marriage was shaken by infidelity after DJ Mo allegedly went to bed with another woman identified as Margaret Wanyama.

So bad was the scandal that the lady in question shared the screenshots of Mo bad mouthing his wife on matters bedroom.

Mo was also fired from his job with NTV where he co-hosted Cross Over 101 alongside Grace Ekirapa.

Not much is known of what he is up to now, but one thing we are sure of is he will keep his zip closed moving forward.

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