Maribe and Size 8
Maribe and Size 8

Now that Jacque Maribe is out in the open Dennis Itumbi can take a break from his poetic musings about her.

Dennis Itumbi

But someone else is waxing lyrical about her. Yes, Sise 8 was interviewed by very tall comedian and drug-fighter Chipukeezy on his show that airs on Ebru TV.


The gospel musician released some juicy information about murder suspect Jacque that bets friend Itumbi would co-sign.

Fisi ama rafiki? Is Dennis Itumbi in love with Jacque Maribe or is he her greatest friend?

Size 8 spoke of her time at State House girls and the experience she had had there with Ms. Maribe. She explained that she was broke while in high school an issue that affected whether she could buy things like sanitary pads.

Size 8

So what did the Citizen T.V presenter do for her? She helped her by giving her half of her own shopping. which mostly included pads.

She told Chipukeezy:

In high school, Jacque Maribe was really there for me, yeye ndiye alikuwa ananibuyia sanitary towels.

Size 8

She added:

She used to come with shopping and split into two, she would give me and even pads. So when I see my face on the packet of pads as the brand ambassador of Softcare pads, I testify because my life is evidence that it doesn’t matter who you are or what you do. God can do exceedingly and abundantly above all you can ever ask, think or imagine.

Size 8
Size 8 the new brand ambassador of Softcare sanitary towels

How’s that for a story?

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