The interwebs is raging about a hot slap that gospel star Size 8 handed to her hubby DJ Mo, live on camera.

The two were recording a selfie video where Size 8 prepared to wish DJ Mo a happy birthday.

He was closing his eyes and to get DJ Mo’s attention Size 8 slapped him on his right cheek.

A stunned DJ opened his eyes in shock and horror touching his cheek.

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DJ Mo then told Size 8, “I was in the moment.”

Mama Ladasha then laughed and went ahead to pamper him with sweet words.

This time he was fully attentive.

Size 8 also pointed out that DJ Mo is getting old.

“Umekua mzee kunishinda,” adding, “Wewe umezeeka.”

DJ Mo’s comeback was,

“Sasa ungekua mzee kuniliko hata singekua ninaongea kwa hii nyumba.”

DJ Mo then walked off leaving Size 8 wishing him a happy birthday alone on camera. She also asked her fans to send happy birthday wishes to her hubby.

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Check out the whole saga in the video below.