Size 8 praying

Size 8 says her late mother chose DJ Mo to be her husband.

She says rich men wanted to marry her but when she introduced DJ Mo to her mother, she said he was going to be a good husband.

“I did not know him but I liked his honesty. He was broke but when he met me, he told me he does not have the money to spend on me but in future he will,” Size 8 said in an interview.

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Size 8 and DJ Mo
Gospel power couple

“The fact that it is hard to get an honest man, I chose him.”

She says despite DJ Mo being broke, he was ambitious, and that is what she was looking for.

“I even hesitated to be with him but he showed me how serious he was,” she said.

Asked why he settled for Size 8, DJ Mo said he liked the fact that she was not excited by his fame.

“It is really hard to know the real girl,” he said.

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DJ Mo and Size 8 dancing
DJ Mo and Size 8 dancing

Asked how they handle trolls, Size 8 said,

“We vowed never to be affected by trolls. We also pray so much because fame comes with different public opinion.”


“Trolls have never shaken our marriage. The only time was when we lost our pregnancy. That even shake my faith to the extent that I became selfish since I expected my husband to be there for met, yet he was also grieving.”

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