Size 8 and her family

Over the weekend, gospel singer Size 8 Reborn, her husband, deejay DJ Mo and their daughter, Ladasha Wambo were in Diani on a mini-vacation.

The power couple, as usual, did not fail to share photos with their followers.

DJ MO reveals reasons why didn’t host Crossover moments after matatu crashes into his Range Rover (Photo)

Size 8 shared photos showing off her tender thighs.

Size 8
Size 8 and her family


She dressed in a short floral top, perfect for the beach and the coastal weather but this did not go down well with her followers.

Size 8
Size 8 and her family

Many criticised her for showing off too much skin and others even went ahead to judge her claiming that she was not living according to the tenets of Christianity.

‘Your dressing as a gospel artist is pathetic!’ Size 8 put on blast by fans

But who are we to judge? Let Size 8 have fun.

You can’t go to the beach fully dressed like you’re going for prayers at the peak of Mt Kenya!

Here are the mixed reactions from Size 8’s followers

Ken_kensome: You don’t have to show us those thighs or you’re preaching with them!!!!!

Keniaclassychiquittas: I wouldn’t say she was showing off her body, in fact, she looks decent. The only thing is that most of these gospel Kenyan artistes are fake. They live a fake life. I know God says not to judge but I honestly don’t admire these guys cause there’s a lot of things that don’t add up.

Shixxswa: Hot, what about the hairstyle? Guess was more crazy…

Preciouayvonnebulimo: Really a born-again showing off your body like that? May God forgive you.

Audrey Apeli: Problems of being a celebrity n more so a saved one. You can’t miss judgment. Life ya hustler sometimes ni Poa. No one bothers🙌

Wanjiru Kihia: Next time Size 8 walk naked…you got the sauce ma’

Elfridahnyaga: So she should swim in clothes? Take care of being religious….. The Pharisees were caught up in religion they actually missed out on salvation.

Elizabethwatuka: God bless you size 8 ,enjoy life to the fullest ,you are not an angel you are, but a mare human being ….covering your body doesn’t mean you’re holy, before I forget uko coast what do they expect….we should always pray for one another ….may God protect this couple from all the evil… I love you guys

Noniotalexas: Beautiful pictures❤❤ love this family. God bless them❤

Elfridahnyaga: The devil has an easy time using us Christians against each other. Even Christ did not come to judge the world but to save the world. I know that many fall short, but the best thing we can do is to work out our own salvation…with fear and trembling, then help pull others up and not step on their heads. We are all running one race, toward one goal, against one enemy. I say this with love.

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