Size 8

Gospel artiste Size 8 has for the first time talked about how she went into depression years ago despite the fame and the money she was making at the time.

Before deciding to give her life to Christ, Size 8 was best known for her secular songs, and would twerk like she was boneless.

Speaking candidly on a You Tube video dubbed ‘Size 8 Dame Wa K-South ‘ She said

‘We were so many in the house, that is why am loud, when you are soft spoken no one will hear you.

When I went to State house girls it was not easy because people were from well off families.

They would carry large shopings when I had nothing to show.

I was however active in drama and at some point I was given a scholarship to Hillcrest.

At Hillcrest is when my salvation took a back seat.

After school  I had been sponsored half way to Manchester University but could not afford the rest of the fee.

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After realizing that she would not go to Manchester University, Size 8 decided to count her losses and move on.

‘Its then that I started working at Calif records.

I started washing the studios and later Clemmo decided to release our first song ‘Size8’.

It was difficult to market my song at the time because I only had one CD.

Later we produced ‘ Shamba boy’. ‘

Size 8 said that at the time all she wanted was to hear her song played by Caroline Mutoko because at the time her show ruled the airwaves.

She would constantly send her emails until her song got played.

‘One day I hear my song played on Caroline Mutoko’s show, and that is when I knew I had made it.

I borrowed some cash went to Radio Africa offices, thanked her andfter that my song would played almost everyday.

Moving forward we got shows and  I saw myself on newspapers.

I later released ‘Vidonge’

During her secular days Size 8 looked upon Wahu and Beyonce as her role models.

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So serious was she that she would tailor make her costumes to look like those of Beyonce.

‘I used to work hard and at the time Beyonce and Wahu were my role models.

I used to see sishake vizuri I should shake more.

All I had dreamed off was happening and that is when I started getting into depression,  I never had real friends and was under pressure to perform.

I would go sit alone at a bar and drink alone. My relationships were not working.

Mark you I had never taken alcohol before.

It’s then I thought of the happy girl I was while at State house girls, back then when I was saved.

I just wanted people to love me as Linet and not as Size 8 and what she had to offer.’


Size 8 has now been saved for more than 8 years. She is happily married to DJ Mo.


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