Size 8 and husband

Size 8 has said one the problems she is currently facing in her marriage is the fact that her husband DJ Mo is a ‘mama’s boy.’

In simple language, these are men who always include or consult their mothers in everything they do even when it’s unnecessary.

According to Size 8, DJ Mo’s mother is important but she should let them run their marriage how they see fit.

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Speaking during a session on their reality show ‘Dining with the Muraya’s’ the mother of two said

‘You are a mama’s boy. Everything is about your mum even before we make a decision you must consult your mum.

You have forgotten that this marriage is between me and you and not your mother.

This is a serious issue and am sure many people are going through it.’

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An agitated Size 8 narrated how her husband has even saved his mum as ‘queen’ in his contacts.

‘He has saved his mum as ‘Queen’ while am ‘Bae’  We can’t go on like that I am the first person in your life right now.

Your mother is your past and am your future.

To Mo her mother can never be wrong. If I talk ‘badly’ about his mother hii nyumba inawaka moto.’

A dumbfounded DJ Mo could not understand why loving his mum is a problem.

‘What is the problem with me loving my mother?

She has seen it all, she has wisdom. Bringing people to discuss such an issue is even laughable.’

Well the Muraya’s aren’t the only ones going through such times as it’s a problem most couples deal with.

It only needs maturity and wisdom to deal with such otherwise, it has broken many marriages.

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