Size 8 and DJ Mo
Size 8 and DJ Mo

Gospel singer Size 8’s appreciation of her husband DJ Mo terribly went wrong after her fans criticized her.

DJ Mo with his daughter

The mother of one penned a message to her hubby on social media, revealing that fatherhood wasn’t easy but this didn’t go well with her followers.

“Swity @djmokenya it’s not a must for you to be there for @ladashabelle for that I say thank. And to you my God every minute Wambo spends with her father Lord I thank you I don’t take it for granted. And to all the fathers out there who are there for their kids but nobody seems to appreciate heaven is looking down on you smiling. Go on fight on it’s not easy at times but you are doing Gods work. To those who are not there for their kids it’s never to late to start the journey don’t feel condemned God can help you start. #celebratingdads………… again I repeat to all dads out there God bless you,” read her message.

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A section of Size 8’s fans lashed out at her questioning whether motherhood was easier.

DJ Mo and Size 8

Just as the law states it is the responsibility of a father to be present in their child’s life, her followers urged that her post was nonsensical and fathers being in their kids’ lives wasn’t a favour!

Check out the reactions

Nyargowete: What do you mean “its not a must for you to be there’?? Si that’s his kid?

Bettynah: Just to point out Its not a favour what dads do by them being around its a MANDATE… so thank God and congratulate Mo for being a responsible parent.

Jacque_njeri: I feel like your message means that fathers being there for their kids is doing a favour to the mothers….No I disagree, they should be there and telling them that it is not easy is way wrong, who said it is easy for the mothers? Today I disagree. Men should man up and raise their kids. They are not doing any favour to nobody.

Sheilah_kimeiywa: @jacque_njeri I agree with you it is a man’s RESPONSIBILITY hakuna cha favors…mothers have been doing it so men should do it too… in fact even more.

Maureen_mutuku: @size8reborn I think it is a must for a dad to be present. Its a mandate that has been bestowed upon him by’s not a favor that they do to the kid.

Stl.estellle: @jacque_njeri i know the first sentence threw me off, what does she mean its not a must, it is very much a must for fathers to be there for their kids.

Nyargowete: @jacque_njeri Exactly! Si mtoi ni wake? Why are we applauding men for doing what they should be doing in the first place?

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Mizkena: @size8reborn but why do they need to be celebrated for doing what they are supposed to do!

In a previous message, Size 8 advised women to stop complaining and nagging in relationships and be grateful. She wrote:

” Our relationship with God can be likened to a husband and a wife you don’t go to your spouse all the time just ask for things or complain of this and that and create demands and request all times all the time nobody wants such a partner in marriage but one who is thankful and grateful. So when we go to God lets seek a father and child relationship an intimate thing out of love and reverence to God to worship Him in awe of Him to seek His love and to love Him in return and in thanksgiving more than just making demands and complaints.”


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