Size 8 has become a living testimony to so many Kenyan music fans.

She has made sure she has created the best out of her switch up (to gospel music) and so far so good.

From endorsements to a happy family to new jobs. Such great opportunities to grow her new revamped brand. Size 8 has not had it easy, from her days of making ratchet music to a change where she is all about Jesus. She received a lot of backlash from fans, friends and family but she stood her ground.

Even in the moments where she received nothing but hate, Size 8 has still given her fans the best. The best in her music, the best advice and even gifts.

Size 8
Size 8

Just the other day, Size 8 and DJ Mo awarded a couple that has been through hell and back but is still in love with a gift. The couple won a holiday just to ease things in their life up. Kurudishia mwili shukrani.

Size 8 took to social media with a testimony. She had a story from her friend who says does good deeds for people but at the end of the day, they hit her with evil.

In the wise words of Mama Wambo, the one thing her friend should live by is that everything you do, do it unto God and not man. Man changes from good to bad and vice versa but God remains the same.

Size 8
Size 8. photo credit: Instagram/size 8reborn

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Her advice was basically, do not stop doing good because of the hate, God will eventually reward your good deeds.

Size 8

A friend of mine was so frustrated today she told me, my sis, I help so many people yet many just hit me back with evil. And I told her its coz you give unto man that’s why you feel bad when they hit back to you with evil but you should give unto God not unto man so no matter the person’s reaction you know God is happy so you constantly have a smile on your face. So to all out there just give help anyone God leads you to help do it unto God and God will reward you not man. Coz we humans are never stable we are good one day bad another so forgive and give.

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