In these modern days, men have become more daring and most have mastered the art of keeping more than one woman at the same time with ease.

The question is how do you know that you are the other woman and not the main chick?

He never picks your calls after a particular hour

Most men who are in multiple relationships never pick calls after a particular hour, this is to avoid suspicions from their main women.

Most will tell you as early as 7:00 O’clock ‘tutaongea kesho’.

Wakale, mpo? Stingy to pure romantics, here are characteristics of men based on tribe

Never wants to sleep over at your place

Most men will lie about how they have an early day, or about how they do not have a change of clothes, so they have to go back home.

The truth is that they love their wives and wouldn’t want to ruin the relationship they have.

Limited time with you

Sometimes when a man is not so keen on spending time with you, just know that you are not the only woman rocking his boat.

Some may have work issues to deal with but most are just out socializing and interacting with other babes.

You only meet on his terms

One way to know you are the other woman, is when a man consistently wants to meet you on his own terms.

When you ask to meet, he is ever busy but when he wants you to meet, he expects you to drop everything for him.

Never introduces you to his family or friends

A man who is proud to have you is never afraid to introduce you to his family or friends.

But a man who has different chicks will never do that for fear of being exposed.

Never invites you to his place

A man who never invites you to his place but is comfortable coming to your place may already be married or engaged.

He never invites you to his place for fear you might find out about his double life.

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