Fort Ternan crash survivors
Father of two sisters who survived the Kericho bus tragedy addresses journalists

A family in Shinyalu, Kakamega, has every reason to be grateful after two sisters survived the Kericho bus tragedy.

Susan Misee, 36, and Linda Misee, 27, were heading for their grandmother’s burial in Burimbuli village.

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Their father, Alphonce Misee, said the two were expected home at about 8am yesterday, only to get a call from a good Samaritan at around 4am telling him his daughters were involved in a grisly road accident in Kericho.

I got a call from an unknown number. A woman asked me if I knew Linda and when I said yes, she informed me that she had been involved in an accident and that she had a broken limb.

Misee said;

When I asked her about Susan, she said she had no idea about her because many people had been seriously injured and were being ferried to hospital. 

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Their sister-in-law Daisy, younger sister Diana and a brother, David, who were also travelling from Mombasa for the funeral, said they were in constant communication throughout the journey and they last talked to Susan when they were in Nakuru. Daisy said;

 We kept communicating after every town just to know where my sisters-in-law had reached, but some two hours after we left Nakuru, we got a call from our my mother-in-law informing us that Susan and Linda had been involved in a tragic accident near Kericho.

The father said he is grateful to God for saving his two daughters. He said

Although my daughters have been seriously injured, I thank God for saving their lives and I want to sincerely send my heartfelt condolences to those who lost their dear ones.

Fort Ternan crash survivors
Susan Misee, survivor of the Fort Ternan crash

Their sisters are currently recuperating in Kericho District Hospital.

Kericho Hospital

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