Adelle Onyango, one of the most prominent and popular radio hosts in Kenya, has revealed her love for ink.  She doesn’t look the tattoo type right? Wrong.

While not many people might be aware, Adelle is a big fan of tattoos and if you follow her on social media, you might have noticed a few photos where she’s flaunting them. Lucky for her, they are all on the upper part of her body where revealing them would not brand her indecent.

I got the chance to sit with Adelle who took me through each tattoo and though she prefers keeping them on the down low, she is proud of them.

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She revealed how many tattoos she has, and the meaning behind each one.

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One of Adelle’s tattoos “Anyango”, is on the forearm which is her late mom’s name. She got it to keep the memory of her mother alive, and is actually her favorite.

Adelle Onyango’s latest tattoo is inscribed on her bicep, which reads; “God Dwells Within Me As Me”and is so far one of her longest and most visible tattoos yet. Even though most of her fans may think it’s meaning is just Godly, there is more to it.

Adelle Onyango got a bit spiritual with her latest tattoo, which she got on the 31st of December 2016, which gives her inner peace.

The humble and exuberant former singer got emotional as she talked about one of the tattoos done in honour of her mum, who sadly passed away after succumbing to breast cancer in 2012. Check it out below;