Bridget Achieng
A pregnant Bridget Achieng glowing

Bridget Achieng has exploded on her Youtube Channel asking women to stop giving out their cookie for free.

She was responding to fans’ assumptions about her after one of them asked her about sleeping with rich men.

“Many are the times I have been judged because I like my men with money. Is it a mistake? is it my fault that I get men who have money? We kama unapenda Kud*ny* kiari, manze I’m sorry. “

She the exploded;

“My pu**y is washed with very expensive soap. It’s cleaned well. It’s a clean pus*y, it’s an expensive pu*y. So wenye wanataka kupatiana hivyo, you go and give yours for free, mine has a price tag.”

“I’m not sorry if that means me being a hoe, it’s okay. If you have to enter here. You have to be my blesser. It’s not bad to have a price tag. afadhali uitwe malaya.”

Bridget Achieng
A lighter looking Achieng


Achieng says the reality show that she stars in, if she left, it would go unwatched due to poor ratings.

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