Social media is never short of drama. You only need to join the right groups such as Kisumu Dads, Kilimani Moms, Buyer’s Beware and even Siri za chumbani. Well,  screenshots of a conversation between a Kenyan woman and a Kikuyu man – only identified as Ken – has leaked online. People are discussing the screenshots in various social media platforms.

Leaked Intimate WhatsApp Conversation Of Kenyan Man Who Had Wild Sex With His Aunt Surfaces (EXPLICIT CONTENT)

Well, in the screenshots, the woman is confronting Ken for extorting money from her to maintain his flashy lifestyle and flaunt it with women, but this didn’t end well. From the conversation, it seems like Ken a Ben 10.

“Hutawai chezea another woman I’m telling you. U wanted I send you 20 K uhame hau kubwa yakuleta wanawake. Ohh mkora wewe muici uyu. (You criminal, you thief!)

U are a killer, prostitute hypocrite, liar and manner less, huna heshima ukiitisha my parents ndoo (sp )upelekee wanawake. Kwani you think I dig money…zako nizakupelekea wanawake no wonder bibi yako alikutupa wewe, hakuna bibi anaweza ishi na wewe.”

Read the lady’s messages to the cunning Ken.

Ken Kenyan MAN

Ken responded back hurling all manner of insults at the lady believed to be his lover. And what he told her was nasty. No mature man can talk such.

“Ua stories waragia ta mumaraya. Ta mutumia utari hakiri mundu mumata na kimira uraita wee.

Hahaha ukweli tu sio wewe tu uko na shimo my dea and u are not my wife and I can get whoever I want to !Inua miguu yako huko niinue ya wenyewe .u mind your own business. Irima ona ria muguruki no irima! “

Loosely translated to;

“You talk like a prostitute. Like a woman with no brains, like a stupid person with dripping mucus. The truth is you are not the only one with a v*gina my dear. You are not my wife and I can date whoever I want. F*** other men and I F***other women. Mind your own business. Even a mad woman’s v*gina  is still a v*gina.

Ken Kenyan MAN