Kilimani Mums Group

“Mums msininyime likes, who knows so and so.., momo kwa comments, vuteni stool, stop breaking people’s marriages, wacheni nipakulie sponsor nakuja, sema kupapasa tumbo ya sponsor, kuna mtu nataka kuanika, itateni…

If you have ever come across such words on social media just know you are on Kilimani Mums page or the person who uses such phrases belongs to that fierce group.

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Kilimani Mums is a Facebook group made up of close to 100k women (if you are a man and you are a member of this group you are abnormal). Here, gossip is the order of the day.

The group is famed for its great campaign ‘My Dress My Choice’ back in 2015. This is a group where if you are featured, you can commit suicide. Sema kuanikwa!

Women in this group have no chills, they don’t mince their words. Poor you if you are anikwad in this group. In short, Kilimani Mums is not for the faint-hearted, join at your own risk.

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Anyway, apart from gossip, Kilimani Mums is a powerful group full of learned women. From lawyers, CEOs to successful businesswomen who empower and build each other. Apart from gossip, here are other five things Kilimani Mums group is known for;

  1. Social media Advocates

They have scored an A plus when it comes to advocacy. When it comes to advocating for rights of children, young girls and women, Kilimani mums group women have always been on the forefront. We have seen them get many pedophiles and wife batterers arrested. They will make any injustice or needy case go viral thus making it easy for many to know what’s going on. Kudos mamas!

2. Religious

There is no time you will miss to find a prayer in that group. There are prayer warriors who say opening and closing prayers every morning and evening. Besides the prayers, these women also advise each other on matters pertaining religion and also have many prayer groups where they teach one another the ways of the Lord. There are several pastors, reverends in the group. Prophetess Monica and Ms Langat are some of them.

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3. Offer support

No one can beat Kilimani mums when it comes to acts of kindness. They always put aside their differences and offer support when someone is in need. From helping jobless women pay their rent, settle hospital bills and even offering jobs, these women have always wowed many. Remember when they offered support to the Garissa attack victims’ families last year at the Chiromo mortuary? We are indeed proud of these women.

4. Advice

Not everyone is bad. There is a group of few women who are positive. They encourage and offer pieces of advice to the downtrodden or rather those who are fed up with life, their relationships and even stubborn bosses at workplace. These women deserve to be awarded.

5. Defend women

This group comprises of a platform where women come to air their grievances and even expose homewreckers. Although many side with women who expose those who they believe are their husbands’ side dishes, there are some who come out to defend the poor souls. These defenders seem to have set a trend and nowadays, women rarely expose homewreckers – if they are not willing to also expose their randy hubbys. Only a quarter of the women in the group comment on such matters.