A middle-aged Kenyan man identified as Don, has won the hearts of Kenyans after his acs of kindness. Don, who is believed to be a former Kenya Airways employee and now a street urchin – ‘chokora’ – is the talk of the town after he picked a bundle of notes amounting to 200k and returned it to the owner.

MUNGU HAMSAHAU MJA WAKE! Good Samaritan Narrates His Encounter With English Speaking Chokora

According to the woman, she was from a bank and dropped 200k without knowing but Don, a good samaritan, picked it, followed her to where she was going and gave it back. But alas! he didn’t even demand a single cent in return.

Here is the story of the woman as published on Buyer Beware.

“Hello Mildred, this is not really a buyer beware issue but just want you to post it just to show guys there are still good people around. 

Today in the afternoon, our business needed to take the day cash to the bank, it was around 4pm. Like always, I picked up a bag, placed around 700k in, unfortunately, today, there were lots of 500/200 notes so the stash took up more space than normal.
Each bundled into 100k as always, pressed in the bag and headed on to the bank. On the way however, the zipper on the bag caved in and spat out 2 bundles of notes ~ 200k.
Didn’t notice it, proceeded to cross the road from Kimathi Street headed to Kenyatta avenue.

She continue, “Walked a little while and there was this dirty young man running after me, signaling me to stop. Well, I figured it was just one of the street families soliciting for funds, I ignored and continued my merry way. He didn’t stop however, he kept pursuing me, at the entrance to the bank, I decided it was safer since there were 2 guards there.

I stopped to listen to what he had to say, to all our amazement and utter shock, he pulled out the 2 stacks, “uliangusha pesa uko nyuma” Checked the bag, zipper was open 2 pieces were missing. I didn’t have any words for this young man, I was completely shocked.

Concluding the story, the narrator added, “The guy said the whole reason he didn’t take the cash, “inaeza Kuwa ni pesa ya school fees Ama mtu ako mgonjwa mahali sasa siwezi chukua”.
While still there he insisted, “weka pesa kwa bank Kwanza ndio tuongee, unaweza poteza tena”. Went to the teller deposited, no a single note missing. After I was done, went back out and the guy was nowhere to be seen. The only thing I know, is, that he is called Don.”

Here is the photo of Don, the man who has won the hearts of many Kenyans.

Don Kenyan

There you have it! Not everyone is a thief!