Harmonize and his women

Part of singer Harmonize’s resolutions this year is to not get into a relationship. This is after he revealed he has a daughter Zulekha aka Zuu Konde who is one year, seven months old.

His wife, Sarah Michelloti an Italian woman came out to expose him for cheating on social media even saying that this might not be his daughter.

Well, the couple seems to have called it quits as Harmonize now prefers to be called a single boy who has zero plans of getting into a relationship.

Taking to social media, the singer said he is only concentrating on his daughter this year

starting single life today. officially just me and zuu konde, 2021, let me see

Harmonize and Sarah
Harmonize and Sarah

Well, fans are not convinced that Harmonize will be able to stay single as he has been getting into a relationship after relationship since he hit the headlines back in 2015.

From 2016 he was dating fashionista and actress Jacqueline Wolper and their relationship ended when Sarah got into the picture. Wolper accused the singer of infidelity.

He and Sarah got into an on and off relationship which ended recently after people knew of the singer’s child.

‘Unakula dem, unatangaza…’ Harmonize exposes Diamond

Last year, Harmonize had announced that Sarah was pregnant for him and a few months before that, he had proposed followed by wedding photos.

Fans were left to speculate whether it was a music video or a real wedding with the singer confirming that he indeed tied the knot with Sarah.