Richest local singer Akothee is busy helping her children discover their talents while some are sleeping on their jobs as their children trend for all the wrong reasons, #IfikieWazazi.

‘Hata hawajui kuoga halafu wanashikwa shikwa ivi!’ Kenyans weep over #IfikieWazazi trend

Yesterday, Akothee was one of the guests on the decorated 10over10 show hosted by Willis Raburu and Joey Muthengi on Citizen TV.


The mother of five attended the show attended with her three daughters and apart from promoting her new song Oyoyo, they talked about other things including advising the youth and single mothers out here.

Akothee with her children during an interview

Akothee the self-proclaimed president of single mothers, is a proud single parent and always showers responsible fathers with praises.

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In a lengthy post she shared on social media, Akothee has narrated how she struggled to make ends meet and schooled her children on her own when their father wasn’t supportive.

“Bangaizaring with my uterus. Make your children your friends, let them see your struggles, share with them your sad and beautiful moments. They are the ones you are hustling for! Introduce them to the world before the world introduces itself to them! The world is cruel. I have come this far on my own! Without their father’s support and we are rocking private schools wanawake tunaweza hatuwezi?’ she wrote in part.

Akothee went ahead to advise single women to work hard fight for their children as mothers are the pillars of the society.

“Stop sympathizing with yourself and start working towards healing, get your energy back and fight for your life and your loved ones.  Vesha Shaillan, Rue Baby and Fancy Makadia, thanks for the company. Any man who isn’t proud of you in public doesn’t deserve you in private, any behind the scene relationship has a dead end! Rejection feels soo bad and make you empty, tell me your fears I am here my love. I know I can’t fulfil all your desires, but your money is your first husband, work towards it. The rest will fall in place. Boys are available, husbands are rarely found, Iest you end up like your mom with 5 children and 3 father’s!, it’s not fun or easy just making fun out of it because I have accepted my status be patient 😂😂😂😂😂, being a single mother is like EBOLA or leprosy.”