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Some men out here are heartless. Imagine dating one and after finding out you’re a single mother they dump you in the name of ‘I can’t take care of another’s man’s children.’ Self-proclaimed president of single mothers Akothee has always narrated her experience as a single mom through her social media accounts.


The singer and mother of five, has narrated how on the first date, some men make it clear that they’re not interested in a woman with a child and this left her heartbroken. She says she would excuse herself and never to return again because by that time, she already had three children.

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Despite being rejected by these men, Akothee did not give up and ended up getting two more kids with white men and she’s co-parenting with the father of her last born. The Sweet Love hitmaker has penned a message to men who rejected her for not being their ‘type.’

And thank you to all men who rejected me because I had kids, you made me realize that I deserved better , I hope you settled with virgins now 😂😂😂😂 most of my dates died on arrival, the moment a man just said I don’t date a woman with a child🙄 then I just flash back and remember shiiiiiit he didn’t even say, children, he said a child! yet I had a handful, would not even finish the introduction! I would leave like am going to the toilet, and that was it.

She advised women to know their value and not let any man look down on them no matter their social status.

Know your value and stand for it. You are a woman you have something that the world needs, stand up for you and your children SAY NO TO UNNECESSARY PAIN. #comebeatmeus I am in Europe babysitting my uterus, I still left their daddies maybe I am the problem 😂😂😂😂😂😂 I am not your role model , copy my life at your own risk, I must survive and life must continue , you will not follow me to the grave , don’t pretend , unlike button if it doesn’t concern you I LOVE YOU WOMEN YOU KEEP ME GOING FANS 🤣😂😂🤣😂😂🤣😂🤣🤣 YOU ARE THE BEST , HAPA NI REALITY NIMESHA JIKUBALI N.A. WEWE? Those with perfect lives on one side please.

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‘I am not responsible to anyone’s choice, just the same way you can choose to wear condoms or not,’ shouts Akothee

Akothee, who is a great example of grass to grace has slammed millennials who set standards so high yet they cannot afford.

She claims the young generation doesn’t want to work hard but want to wake up rich and slay.  In a lengthy message, she wrote;

‘The young generation wants to wake up rich, comparing their chapter 1 with someone’s chapter 10! They can’t do matatus they must do a taxi! I don’t remember myself in a taxi apart from being a taxi driver! Let’s start there!

Why do you think you can’t do a matatu yet that’s your standard! Do you think it gives you class when you arrive in a taxi and the first thing to ask is help me with Sh300 pay my taxi is waiting outside🙄! You already accumulating debts that you could avoid! They are not looking for jobs they are looking for quick money! The hunger for making it in a day is what is calling for all kinds of shit! I find it irresponsible blaming sponsors yet it’s girls looking for them other than hunting for job opportunities.

I don’t think sponsors are found loitering around looking for young girls! These kind of men have been there since ages 😏 they were called sugar daddies! They would shop for young girls going back to school, especially girls who came from not a very wealthy family! And they were people’s husbands and fathers! I would see some visit their side chicks in school! Why are we pretending and blaming others for their own choice of living!

The cost of living has terribly gone high! People have lost purpose in life forgetting to chase for basic needs like shelter, medication, food, and clothing! They want business class tickets, big cars , 5-star holiday hotels, fame & designers clothes🙄 etc! Why would you take a loan to buy a car in a rented house for example ? Then come on social media , post for us your car and lie to us you have bought the house!😏 Yes! we will believe you, but are you true to yourself after all the 1m likes? People mistinterprate this ‘fake it till you make it’ proverb, it’s not as direct as young girls think, life is full of responsibility outside social media think !!! Copy paste peoples lives at your own risk, there is no shop for buying moral standards or, way of living, do what you are good at doing bora uhai.  Fake it on social media but don’t forget to live real behind cameras no one cares! They will still celebrate when you fall!’

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