A Facebook user by the name  Dixon Bond Okello has gone ham on single ladies above 35 years old. According to this Ugandan man, any single lady over 35 years with two kids is a woman, who spent her youth living in sin.

‘Huyu Mama Anavutanga Nini?’ Kenyan Women Savagely Attack Bi Mswafari After She Told Single Mothers This

He says such women wasted their youthful years entertaining Tom, Dick, and Peters of their generation.

“It pains and confuses me a lot to see a lady over 35 years with 2 kids looking for a stable single guy to marry her. Most of these ladies are not widows and are not victims of rape.
These are ladies who spent all their youthful lives swinging their buttocks like peacocks and distributing their bodies like youth funds. In their youthful days these ladies were untouchables, had no time for their age mates and potential suitors, they were so proud of themselves thus pushing away potential suitors.Their bodies were reserved for bad boys and men with money who could afford Pizza, Amarula, chicken and chips and take them out to posh clubs like Guvnor and Silk. Poor broke guys had no chance at all,” he wrote in part.

He further advised men to stay woke and marry wife materials notsuch women.

“Then after decades of swallowing P2s, morning-after pills, wasting themselves and getting fatherless kids, they now want a stable man to feed them and their kids.
Who do you think you are?
How lucky can you be?
Who told you men are this foolish?
Even if you get this foolish man to marry you, he will still run away after coming back to his senses, because any lady over 35 years with kids and a rotten past belongs to team HYENA of the Redpepper newspaper.
She cannot have her cake and eat it. If you waste your youthful life opening legs to sponsors and other mad men then don’t waste your future looking for nice honest men.
Have a useless Valentine’s Day.”

Do you agree with this man?

The post has ignited mixed reactions and here are some of the comments:

Ma’belle SN: Funny I think the same applies to men who have kids with numerous baby mommas but want to marry a woman with no kids. Isn’t this the hypocrisy of our society?

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Nantume Winfred: Let us agree the guy has a point. You meet a fellow woman busy playing men left, right and center and wasting time. She thinks that she is wise and wasting men’s time kumbe she’s wasting hers. Some think of wanting to settle but when it’s too late.

George Socker: What pains me most, they don’t want to give these kids to the rightful fathers, they hang on them for collections from men, they either don’t know the fathers of these kids or they keep them to keep playing men!!!

Soggie Original: Well stated

Mayanja Bel Mousa: Hahaha…Dixon..your an intellect for real

Joseph Ken Onen: @James Bond you’re my Hero this month I have Read this your post more than five times and man thanks now this is what we call REAL MEN TALK.

George Kiggundu:  But this is the truth.some girls were hesitant to give anything to their age mates but little knowing that women grow older first than men Of the same age.Now they try to smile and attract back their age mates which will never come to give wisely but refuse because time will tell you the truth Of your rigidity while still a youth

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