Harmonize has finally broken up with his Italian babe Sarah. The two have been dating for months now and the Tanzanian singer has called things off calling himself ‘single’.

The singer announced to the whole world that he is single and dumped his mzungu bae in the same breath.

He wrote:

“Single boy’


Well, the celebrity girlfriend went out on social media insulting the singer. This was after harmonize shared a photo of himself and a Nigerian TV host and actress by the name Nancy.


Sarah went on to insult the singer.


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Defending himself, Harmonize explained that at the time the girlfriend was calling him, he was in Ghana for a show and couldn’t pick the calls.

“I’m in West Africa for a media tour, I was in Ghana so before the show, there’s always a pre-party. I didn’t have bundles, or access to my Tanzanian line.  Sarah called me and I wasn’t available. She took to my Instagram to insult me. If you decide to date someone, you must understand the work he is doing. I took a photo with a TV host and it became a fight.”


In the past, Harmonize’s ex-girlfriend Jacqueline Wolper revealed that Sarah was the reason the Kwa Ngwaru hit maker ended their relationship.

“That woman bought him a phone, gold chains and told him if he wanted to be with her to first break up with Jackline. She even told him to delete all my photos,” Wolper told Millard Ayo

Harmonize and Wolper
The singer and  Wolper