Size 8 is one of the most prolific Kenyan musicians of our time. Her Mother Esther Njeri has had kidney complications for sometime now. The singer recently held a fund raiser to help take care of her mum’s hospital bills. This has been stressful to her to the level that she got hospitalized almost two weeks ago.

Find Out Why Size 8 Was Hospitalized Over The Weekend

“I must have been thinking too much about my mum’s fund raising for her kidney transplant that I got stressed out. The doctor however, put me on observation for days and all is well now,” Size 8 told Pulse in an interview. She says that she might not be able to be the one to donate her kidney to facilitate a transplant to help her mum.

“She is due for the kidney transplant soon and though I was initially to donate my kidney, my pregnancy ruled me out of the donors’ list,” the “Mateke singer revealed. “So my dad will have the honour of donating his and my brother will be accompanying them to India where the treatment will take place,” she said.

We wish her mum quick recovery.