It is now emerging that gospel singer Kevin Bahati was roughed up moments after leaving Kasarani Stadium where the Jubilee Party launch was held this past Sunday.

After his performance that made many tongues wag, Bahati made his way to Mathare slums to shoot a music video for a single which will be released later this month.

The musician and his crew were confronted by a group of rowdy youths shortly after they arrived at Vietnam area within the slums.

Reports indicate that the youths were vexed that Bahati was using the slums to benefit himself while they continue to languish in poverty.

It is further reported that the award-winning singer lost his phone, shoes, while a video camera was destroyed during the fracas.

Bahati and his crew left in a hurry as the angry youths had threatened to beat them up if they stayed any longer.

However, his protege Weezdom – famed for the hit single Faham – has come out to deny reports that they were harassed in Mathare. He also says that Bahati did not lose his phone and shoes as earlier reported.

Weezdom further says that the youths only mobbed him because they were excited to see him.

This is rather interesting because the singer has been unavailable since Sunday, he was last seen on WhatsApp on the same day at 4:29 p.m.

So who is fooling who? Over to you Bahati!

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