MCA Tricky

MCA Tricky broke the net when he showed up with his ‘Samantha’. Kenyans on the interwebs could not keep calm.

Bibi Atasema nini? MCA Tricky Shows Off His Sex Doll. Kenyans react (Video)

Everyone was asking, what will his girlfriend think about all this?

Well, the Churchill show comedian, cleared the air saying, he’s happily single.

‘No, as we speak, I’m not dating. Not at all. My ideal woman is one that can improve my life, even if its by an inch.

MCA Tricky

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Being one of Kenya’s biggest stand up comedians, MCA Tricky has come out to tell youth to leave drugs and believe in their dream.

‘Don’t dare do drugs. If you have a dream, rehearse by yourself, believe in yourself and don’t wait for other people to do it for you. Fanya kitu mpaka watu wakukujie.’

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So, what’s the future of the comedy industry?

‘It will be determine by the kind of competition we have right now. You have to be the best in what you do, to stand out.’

Mca trickyTricky says this year he’s going all digital, and no, he’s not leaving the Churchill show, not anytime soon.

‘2018 we are going digital, I’ll be entertaining people on MCA Tricky Trends. Thats where I’ll be but that doesn’t mean I’m leaving Churchill show, I’m still there.”

Tricky said this in an exclusive interview with Word Is at the launch of Oscar nominated film, Mully.

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