Luo Tycoon Jared Otieno was the centre of attention on social media last year. From buying a customised Porsche worth 30 Million to spending millions on his wedding, this lad left the whole nation wagging tongues.

Meet The Luo Tycoon Who Spent 30 Million Shillings To Buy A Super Car (PHOTO GALLERY)

Jared Otieno, who has managed to keep his life under wraps unlike his counterparts who have been trending after they were exposed as cons recently, walked down the aisle with his wife Kendi Mwiti in a colourful wedding ceremony that saw invites only in attendance.

Ujaluo Ni Gharama! Luo Tycoon Jared Otieno Spends Millions On His Wedding (PHOTOS)

The rich couple has since then become the most searched people in the country as everyone wants to have a glimpse into their everyday life. But apart from that, many do not know that the couple is blessed with a cute young son, Otieno Jnr. Well, if you didn’t know, now you do. Check out his photos below.