With coronavirus cases rising everyday Kenyans will have to stay indoors a little longer than expected and it comes at a price.

Naturally Kenyans are outgoing and have ‘rituals’ that are now not being performed due to coronavirus.

Here are things we used to take for granted but we now miss so deeply.

Smokie pasua

This are smokies sold by vendors, they are cut into two and kachumbari put in between.

Chips mwitu

Nothing tastes better than fries being sold by the road side.

We will never know what the secret ingredient is but they are to die for.

They areĀ  amongĀ  things people wish they could access during this pandemic but it’s almost impossible.

Mayai pasua

This are eggs sold by road side vendors.

Most people love them because they come in hot whenever you order.

Plus the kachumbari is to die for.

Mahindi choma

Roasted corn is a delicacy loved by many.

Most vendors have pepper, and lemon to go with the corn and that is exactly what most people want after a hard day at work.


Famously known as the African sausage, mutura will always be a favourite for many men.

Most people pass by mutura joints after work and now that they can’t some are already missing the delicacy.

Most people love it because of how it is prepared.

Convincing a Kenyan man mutura sio tamu is like kupigia mbuzi gita, they will never accept it.