Mwai Kibaki

Award-winning comedian Eric Omondi has risen the ranks to become the most sought after comedian in Africa. The witty comedian, whose talent was nurtured through Churchill Show has performed for all the three presidents of Kenya on different occasions.

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Speaking recently on Churchill Show Omondi said that out of the three residents of the Republic of Kenya he performed for, he dislikes Mwai Kibaki.

I respect Kibaki so much but simpendi [I don’t like him]. I’ve performed for him eight times but up to now, he doesn’t know I am,’ he said.

Omondi continued,

There’s a day in 2013 I performed before him on Jamhuri day and when I made my grand entry riding on a horse, he wasn’t excited. The crowd was cheering, Kalonzo Musyoka (VP by then), Amos Kimunya were laughing but he was seated there wearing a stone face.

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The following day the retired president was launching the Syokimau SGR and after Eric was invited to entertain the guests.

But still, Kibaki couldn’t recognise him.

When the president was leaving, Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka called me to say hi to the president. I was happy and didn’t want to waste the opportunity,’ he said,


He was walking and wasn’t looking back. I caught up with him but he just touched my hand and continued to walk. After a few meters, he later turned back and told me ‘Good work you’re doing at Kenya Railways’.

The comedian was unhappy that the head of State couldn’t recognise him. Omondi showered the current President Uhuru Kenyatta with praises saying, ‘he is digital and easy going.’

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