Simon and Sarah Kabu

Bonfire boss Simon Kabu has praised his wife Sarah Kabu for being humble and sticking by him through thick and thin.

This he did on a day when his wife turns 42.

The Kabus is a story of grass to grace having started their company from scratch before turning it into a million-dollar empire.

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Taking to his social media platform, Simon penned,

Jambo Jambo…It’s another year to your calendar @sarahkabu. You become better like fine wine every year as you cross the “ another year line”.
You have stood by me and have put the family closer to God. Your humility is astonishing.
Thanks for being there for me and for the family.
You are so real and you support me by all means.
You are a “Proverbs 31” woman.

You are the mother of my kids. You correct me wherever I go wrong and take my correction positively too.

On this special day, I wish you a #Happybirthday and assure you that I love you very very much. Join me in wishing Kipenzi changu cha roho a Happy birthday! #thekabus’

Sarah also took to her social media to celebrate herself on her big day, with the message below.

‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME… chapter 42 of my life begins today💃💃 am so humbled and grateful to God for blessing me with yet another year.

My friends life in the 40s is so much fun COZ that is when you settle in life no matter your financial status No wonder they say LIFE BEGINS AT 40…

you know why your confidence levels go high🤪 no more pretending or faking it coz 💯it is what it is💯 and also you are full of wisdom to share from life experiences and lessons.. so let the party begin.’

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