He needs no introduction! Ali Kiba is one of the celebrated bongo flava artistes and without doubt, the lasses are always all over him.

Ali and a Tanzanian model cum designer Jokate Mwegelo also known as Kidoti put their relationship in public after photos of them which suggested that the two were more than friends went viral.

ali k


The Tanzanian artiste would later friendzone Jokate citing that the two were just friends. Love might have gone sour!

It did not take long after, for Jokate to send a heartfelt message to the Chekacha Cheketua hit maker citing that she was still inlove calling him her sweetheart.The message was written in French which would later be translated by fans who are well conversant with the language.

Baby happy birthday I love you so much,it is paining,I hope that the French has sang you prepare for that, but I want nothing,but the best for you from the bottom of my heart the rest I leave to God for what happens to know that Jojo doesn’t disturb and that am happy to have you as my friend,rest blessed –


Well, news would later have it that the two are still seeing each other but Ali Kiba’s mother has come out shutting claims that Jokate is Ali’s bae. It seems he did not introduce her all this time. Ali’s mother cited that she knows Jokate as Zabibu’s friend (sister to Ali Kiba) but does not know any strings that tie her to the Aje hit maker.

During an interview with a local Tanzanian radio show, Jokate said that she believes Ali Kiba’s mother did not mean to disown her citing that it might have been a slip of the tongue.

“Mimi sifikirii sana maana mimi ni mtu Positive nataka niamini hawakuamaanisha sasa sijui waliteleza au walikosea”

she went on to say;

“Unajua katika maisha huwezi kumlazimisha mtu kuona thamani yako, wanasema tenda wema nenda zako mengine ni matokeo na sipendi kulizungumzia sana maana siku hizi watu wanapenda sana kuokota maneno wanayatengeneza wanavyojua wao”

ali kiba