Vera Sidika and Otile Brown

The trending topic of the moment is the break up between Vera Sidika and Otile Brown that shocked a few and left others saying, ‘si nilikuambia wataachana tu

For many women, it hit home. The narrative is the same in many homes.  Boy meets girl, girl falls in love then they break up. When a woman loves, she loves for real but when a man has an intention, he will do anything to get what he wants and when he finally does, madharau huanzia hapo.

Of course our SI unit being Vera Sidika, she is not one to maintain relationships but she has what she always wanted from the many men and decided to settle down. Kumbe these Swahili poets are just out here to destroy!

Vera Sidika and Otile Brown

According to her, Otile Brown just wanted a video vixen and he worked for it and finally got her to feature in is video, Baby Love. She made him famous, increased his following and viewership on YouTube.

Let us move to Anerlisa Muigai. She has worked hard at building her brand as Anerlisa, CEO of Executive Water and her company Nero at large and get rid of the title ‘daughter to mama Keroche’. Then when she thought she found love in Ben Kangangi. Kumbe jamaa anamtumia kuchukua loan.

The story was broken by your very own Mpasho. Anerlisa was caught up in a scandal between Ben and loan sharks that saw her car taken as leverage. Yani all Anerlisa wanted was love. When Ben got what he wanted from Anerlisa, he just left her solving his problems in her life.

Ben Kangangi vs Anerlisa Muigai

This broke Anerlisa despite her strong character. She still throws hints here and there talking about her heartbreak and you can always tell she is bitter about the whole issue.

And finally, our Nigerian Mavin queen, Tiwa Savage. If you did not watch her break down in public because of her ex-husband, Teebillz, you need to look for that interview. She opens up about it all.

Tiwa Savage gave her all in that marriage and because all Teebillz wanted was money. He took advantage of the fact that he was her manager and stole a lot of money from her. To make things worse, when she was in hospital in London after a miscarriage, he was in a hotel room cheating on her.


These powerful women have a lot in common: one is that they have worked hard to create a name for themselves and it has worked for them when it comes to business. The second thing is that they gave their all when it came to love. From the little of their relationship we saw on social media.

Wameachana! Otile Brown dumps Vera Sidika after helping him solidify his career

The other thing is that these men used them all for one gain, money. The worst thing is they posted a lot of their bae time on social media and so haters have a story and a face to put the story to.

It’s hard to tell who wants the best for the both of you. Just like Sam Smith said, Pray!

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