Jacque and Esther
Jacque and Esther

Jacque Maribe might be wishing that this week from hell would not have happened. And this week might have started the week that past but that would be naive to say, I posit.

Jacque I believe got it wrong when she started dating the man called Joe Irungu aka Jowie. He was a man who posted images of himself in military gear and was a man who seemed to be friends with the who is who.

Jacque Maribe's lover
Jowie with friends: Joe Muchiri and model Bashka

And Jacque seems to have bought this image hook, line and sinker as the two got engaged earlier this year. That facade was destroyed this past week when Jowie as he affectionately known as was implicated in the murder of Monica Kimani, that happened this past week.

Monica Kimani
Monica Kimani

This whole affair reminds me of a one-time media darling Esther Arunga. Her career and subsequently, her image went down in a ball of flames when she got involved with her husband Quincy Timberlake.

Below are the parallels between the two:

Both were news presenters

Esther and Jacque both had stellar careers in the Television departments at KTN and Citizen television. They had earned millions of followers and admirers.

Both were warned initially about their guys

Their were murmurs and complaints about the men the respective ladies were dating when they began to.

Esther Arunga and Quincy Timberlake
Esther Arunga and Quincy Timberlake

But both the women went headlong into their relationships, eff the haters!

Jacque Maribe
Jowie on his knee proposing to Jacque Maribe

Both were way out of the leagues of their guys

The ladies were at the top of their game in the television industry when they both dated the men.

Esther Arunga
Esther Arunga, the trained lawyer

The men in this case, Joe Irungu and Quincy Timberlake both had sketchy pasts with claims that Quincy was a conman.

Jacque Maribe
In studio

Why would such eligible women waste themselves with men like these? Only they know.

Both got into trouble because of the men they dated

Esther got into trouble when she started dating new man Quincy Timberlake. From then on it was a spiral for the news presenter with her joining a dodgy church and then quitting her wonderful job.


Let’s not forget that the couple lost a child because of Quincy foolishness in Australia.While Jacque might not have quit her job, she is now a person of interest in the murder of Monica.

Jacque Maribe and Joe Irungu
Jacque with her fiance

All because of the man she was engaged to.

Both went to great lengths to support their respective men

Jacque’s car was used by her fiance, Joe Irungu on the night of the murder. It was even claimed that she helped drive him to hospital after he sustained a gunshot wound.

At the height of her scandals, Esther a trained lawyer sued her own parents after they were understandably concerned with her state of mind. Talk about going to bat for your man.

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