The boss ladies, Zari and Akothee have so much in common it’s amazing.

One thing we have to acknowledge is the two love their children to the death of them and they do not look like they have birthed 5 children. There you go with one similarity.

On Akothee’s birthday, Zari sent her birthday wishes and when Akothee travels to South Africa, Zari always welcomes her to her home.


Zari and Akothee are BFFs despite coming from different countries. Their social status allows them to be friends no matter the distance.

Zari is a musician cum business lady from Uganda but she resides in South Africa and Akothee is a business lady and musician from Kenya.

As they say, birds of the same feather, flock together and that’s the reason why Zari and Akothee are compatible and connect in each and every way.

Zari Hassan

Well, the two successful women share some similarities.

  • They both have five children.
  • Both are rich in their own right.
  • They are both single parents
  • They travel a lot
  • They are all about women empowerment
  • They both have different baby daddies.
  • Both have three children from their first relationship with the same gender where Zari’s are all boys and in Akothee’s case they are all girls.
  • They both have the same nicknames ‘boss’; for Zari, its ‘Boss lady’ and Akothee’s is ‘Madam Boss’
  • Both are musicians but Zari no longer sings.
  • Both are entrepreneurs.
  • They both have several mansions Zari has one in South Africa, Tanzania and Uganda as for Akothee she has two mansions in Kenya,one in Rongo, Migori county, and a huge one in Mombasa and the other is in Switzerland.
  • They both publicly denounced their men

I know right? Come to think of it they are too much alike. They have made the best out of their fame despite the fact that they make it to bad press almost daily. They are the best definition of strong women with thick skin.