It seems like Diamond Platnumz and his ex Kenyan bae Tanasha Donna are in communication.

This was revealed by Tanasha who detailed her fight with a Tanazanian radio personality who claimed he fathered her son.

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For months on end, Mwijaki has been flossing lyrical with claims that he is the daddy to Tanasha’s tot.

The publicity from this only served him and gratted endlessly at Tanasha. Making her look bad

Eventually, Tanasha and Diamond sent him a demand letter to cease and desist from soiling their brand and defaming their child.

Speaking to Mzazi Willy Tuva, Tanasha said,

“I filled a court case and sent him a demand letter. Together with the father of my child, we sent him a demand letter and we were about to sue him. We took it very seriously.”

Asked if they are in talking terms with Diamond, Tanasha said,

“By the way me and the father of my kids are okay, we are in talking terms. Right now I have healed. We are not enemies. We are in communication terms for our son and I respect him very much and everyone he works with.”

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Asked why she unfollowed him together with the Wasafi crew, Tanasha explained,

“I am always on social media because that is where I promote my work. Following the Wasafi family would have taken a toll on me for they would have acted as a constant reminder of my failed relationship so I had to do what I did.”

Spooked by the impending legal battle, Mwijaku held a press conference and apologized for his misdeeds claiming he never meant any harm.

Tanasha said, “I felt that justice really needed to be served. Since he apologised, I let the matter slide. I only forgive if the person sincerely knows they are wrong and apologise, I easily let go.”

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