Thugs are hardcore. Despite the police warnings, they still go on social media to flaunt their wealth and threaten cops to dare shoot them.

Vitisho Baridi Peleka Huko! Dangerous Nairobi Thug Posts Photos Flaunting A Gun And Dares Police To Arrest Him

A hot Kenyan woman from Dandora area who goes by the name Bensia Bensheer on Facebook is not afraid of the fierce cop Hessy wa Kayole. This lass has guts. She inboxed Hessy telling him off and dared him to arrest her.

“Hessy we ni mjinga sana nitafurahia ukikufa kifo cha aibu instead of wasting time ukipost wagondy (wezi) si ujiimarishe look at you inaonekana unakuwa msoto sana ndio unatafuta fame mi sikuogopo ata ukinitafuta hunipati. But mimi hata sekunde simmalizi if you think I am joking check out my new post. I got enough money 18 years old blackbelt,” read Bensia’s message. 

This did not go well with Kenyans as they came out guns blazing. See the comments;

Joseph: Stupidity of high class u daughter of a bitch n a friend of Satan ur days r numbered shetani anakungoja

Isakim: Huyo ni baadhi ya wale uficha hao madingo na pengine boy wake aliangushwa so kanafeel, wee chapa wira wachana na huyo fallah

Royal: Hehehe Hessy just do ua job… Now u know u doing the right thing if people start reacting this way.

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Jacinta: The only place where the blackbelt holders don’t hv respect and are immuned to bullets. Hesy Wa Dandora mti wenye matunda ndio hupurwa mawe. If you were not productive hata haungetukanwa wala kupata inboxes. Keep on keeping on. God’s grace and protection is always sufficient.

Here are photos of Bensia, the woman who doesn’t give a damn about the men in blue


Dandora Woman


Dandora Woman


Dandora Woman


Dandora Woman