Remember Pastor Gilbert Deya, the fake Kenyan preacher who was known for the ‘Miracle Babies’ scum back in 2006?

This came after it was revealed that Gilbert Deya Ministries, claimed that Deya was able to help infertile women conceive through the power of prayer, which was part of a hoax that involved child trafficking.

New Laws to Tame “Kanyari-like” Preachers

The scum saw Pastor Deya marked as a wanted man by the Kenyan authorities, and thereby fled to London to seek asylum claiming that he was being degraded and tortured in his home country.

But it looks like his evil ways are catching up with him slowly after The Sun newspaper exposed him for deceiving sick people by selling ‘anointed’ olive oil as a cure for HIV and cancer.

The self-proclaimed archbishop, who now goes by the name of ‘Archbishop Of Peckham’ claims that the power of God gave the extra virgin olive oil magical properties, thus, it can now cure cancer and HIV.

The preacher, 63 is leading a cash-for-miracles scams and selling the oil at £5 (Sh730) instead of the usual price at the supermarkets, £1.99 (Sh290), at his church’s shop in South London and claims when put in food it will cure the said diseases.


The Sun’s undercover reporters gained access to the church’s headquarters in Peckham by posing as a husband and his cancer-stricken wife.

They were given a leaflet with misspellings that explained the oil’s “mystical powers”, including overcoming illness and debt.

One of Deya’s associates reportedly rubbed oil onto the woman’s chest, declaring: “This is the start of your miracle.” She was pushed to the ground as the pastor shouted, “witchcraft must go”.

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