The end times seem to be here. The current happenings we experience leave us convinced that the Judgement Day is near.

From four horses appearing in clouds in Machakos to Mary mother of God appearing to people, could it be true that the world is coming to an end?

Did Mary The Mother Of Jesus Appear In Ruaka? (VIDEO EVIDENCE)

A Facebook user shared a bizarre video of Jesus Christ, claiming that the son of God allegedly appeared at a local church during a service back two years ago.

The incident, which occurred at  Saint Joseph Catholic church Awka Etiti, Anambra state, Nigeria, left many talking for days.

According to the video source, Jesus appeared on a cross before a gathering.

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Here is the video,

Breaking news, Jesus appears on the cross at Awka Etiti. The say in flesh and blood. This is happening live now at the border between Cameroon and Nigeria. COULD THIS BE TRUE?????

Posted by Gillian Esua on Thursday, January 25, 2018