The comedian posing

Njugush needs some mental help guys.

He is one of the of the few comedians who still make advertising fun. He can talk about a product without making it so obvious that it is an advertisement.

Clearly ujinga hulipa!

Njugush has a tagline that we can almost always identify him with it, hata sijaskia vibaya. Fena decided hi ujinga na rap talent, they must create the best out of it.

Njugush’s line and craziness are now part of Fena’s new video, Sijaskia vibaya. The visual creativity, lyrical creativity is something else.

If you have not heard or watched Fena’s song, hata sijaskia vibaya.

But on a serious note, you need to watch it and lucky for you it is on Songa By Safaricom that you can get by downloading it from the Google App Store or dialing *812#.