Truth be told, fuckboys are not always easy to spot when in their natural habitat given their highly adaptive nature and ability to blend in. They are commonly found in Nairobi and often, ladies hope they can change them.

Well, these are signs you are dating one of those:

Fuck boy identifiers:

a. He is always talking about sex

Every conversation with your “boyfriend” is punctuated with the word “sex”.
“How was your morning boo?”

“I dreamt about sexing you.”

He finds the most erotic way to make you enjoy the fact that he only sees you as a piece of meat.He doesn’t remove his boxer during sex

Why is he doing it?

Because he doesn’t see you as more than a “good time gyal”


If you want something serious, LEAVE. And maybe try to see the type of vibes you were putting out.


b. He doesn’t remove his boxer during sex

When you’re making love to you “boyfriend”, he manages to make the entire experience cheap (hot and exciting but cheap) by refusing to remove his boxers. He simply opens the buttons at the front.

Image result for opening door gif

c. Flirts with a lot of women infront of you

He’s hot and he knows it. But he doesn’t have the decency not to slight you by acknowledging every woman’s glance. He will flirt with the waitress, the other girl in the matatu, the cocktail waitress and even your friends and not care that you are there.

Why he’s doing it?

Because he doesn’t respect you. If he did, he’d do what he knows is right; give you all his attention.

The rule?

Tell him your time is important and you won’t tolerate him thirsting over other women.  One more strike and he’s out. Stick to it.


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d. He never sets his phone down

His phone is like an extension of his hand. It never seems to leave his body and when it does, it is only so it can charge. Even then, it is within his direct line of sight. It is an even bigger red flag if it is always on vibrate mode.

Why is he doing it?

He knows he has lots of other women elsewhere. He understands that he will be in deep trouble once you get hold of his gadget.

The Rule?

Sit him down and make him understand that as a couple, you need time away from the phone, Internet and social media.

f. He is Nigerian


We will get into this in another riveting list set to come soon.

g. He won’t commit

If you have been dating your “boyfriend for 6 months and he still hasn’t committed, it is probably because he is a fuckboy with many options other than you.

Why is he doing this?

If he is not committed, then he isn’t ready to get to the next level. He isn’t serious with you. If your goal is to finally get married, he won’t do it. Issa waste of time.

 The rule

Check with trusted friends or family that you aren’t pushing too soon then make it clear what you want from him and ask when he will be ready. If he can’t give you an answer, it’s then up to you to decide how important that commitment is.


h. He treats you well but only superficially

Is he charming and a pure joy to be with? That is great! Can he remember your birthday? If he can’t then he is a fuckboy. They specialize in making you feel like you are their queen but he doesn’t really know anything about you other than making your body respond to his every touch.

Why he’s doing it

He might not like you that much but he loves sex and if he’s got it on tap with you, why wouldn’t he take advantage?

The rule

Make him understand that you need more.


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i. He is very well groomed and pays alot of attention to his dressing

Ladies, this is self-explanatory yawa! He is good looking and a sharp dresser and he not only cleans up real nice but also takes care of his well-toned abs -just remember, no man gets a sixpack to date one girl!