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We have all encountered men whose only intention was to take us to bed. Below are signs that a man who is crushing on you might just be after your cookie.

1. Only calls you when they are on a dry spell

Such men will never call to check on how you are doing but when a dry spell hits they will wake you up with ‘Morning bae’ and ‘I miss you texts’.

2. They never invite you to their places

Such men constantly ask ‘nikuje nikutembelee lini?’ as if you are a patient admitted to a hospital.

They will never invite you to their places because they are either married/dating or just promiscuous.

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3. They never want to spend on you

A man who is only after your cookie will constantly want to meet you at a ‘private place’ might be his or your house.

They never want to spend a dime on you. They would rather pick up ‘Sure’ condoms given by the government than buy condoms, na kuna hata za 50.

4. They never want to introduce you to heir friends/family

A man who only wants to smash never introduces you to his family or friends for the fear you might get too attached to him.

Yes, he will talk about’ beshte yangu Johny’ but you will NEVER meet Johny in real life.

5. Never makes an effort to know you

A man who just wants to smash you will NEVER be interested in knowing you. What for they will ask.

In his mind, he already knows there is nothing much between you two.

6. Never takes about any plans

A man who only wants to get you between the sheets will only talk about you guys can do then (sex) mambo ya baadaye hatambui.

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7. Never cares whether you use protection or not

Such men do not care if you condomize it or not haja yake ni kurarua nunu aende.

8. He is always BUSY

It’s funny how men are always busy but when promised a romping session they would rather move heaven and earth.

Girl if your man is ever busy and only creates time when he is horny, run my sister run.

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